Senior Portfolio: Week 1, Thesis-First Draft

Elisabeth Roscoe


Kate Sibole

Senior Portfolio

Thesis-First Draft

A bullet list of at least 4 feasible ideas

Include short description of why each is important to you

  • First Idea: Make an online series discussing & reviewing anime (and get paid)

I want to entertain while also talk about the anime I love. So I will talk about the anime that becomes a subject for an episode, talk about what happens, make jokes and observations about the anime and if this anime has any good material in it for other fellow anime fans or for first time watchers to see.

  • Second Idea: Learning how to animate so I can animate and tell my own stories and creations

I’ve always loves animated films, I grew up on them like most resent generation. And I want to be able to tell my own stores and ideas through animation.

  • Third Idea: Being able to speedpaint and post them online (concept art, title cards, and commissions)

I’ve always liked the idea of watching how an artist paints a piece of work or completes a ‘masterpiece’ whether or not it’s bombastic or simplistic the art is, so being able to record and post what you’ve been working on sounds like a fine idea.

  • Fourth Idea: Finding a job that fits in my line of work.

Now am I saying that I need to be artistic all the time? No, but I do need to find a job that will let me have time to shut off my brain and let me rest my creativity while also having fun while getting work done.

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