Senior Portfolio: Week 1, Writing Prompt: The 6th Ingredient

Elisabeth Roscoe


Kate Sibole

Senior Portfolio

Writing Prompt: The 6th Ingredient

John Cleese claims there are 5 things you need to be creative. Space, Time, Time, Confidence, and a sense of Humor.

Write a bit about what you would contribute as a 6th “need.” What do you need to happen in order to be creative?

The 6th Ingredient in order to be creative would have to be to Eat. Now what I mean by this is not in eating actual food, although that is important. What I mean by to Eat is to take in or ‘Eat’ ideas and concepts that you surround yourself with and save it for another day whenever you are or not being creative. For instance, say that you come up with a funny joke or a line off the top of your head and you want to use it one day, so in order to remember it you write it down and store it away until you get into a creative mood. Now to eat can also refer to absorb inspirations ‘or eat’ ideas around you to try and find a way to use a subject matter or object for whatever you want to create later on. You can use this method by just listening to music or watching movies, talking to others, or who knows-maybe even eating actual food can help you find and consume ideas for later use that you want to use whenever you feel like being creative. Now, sometimes this cannot be used when you’re completely fixated on being stricken to limitations, so sometimes you need take a step back and get yourself open in order to find a way to work with what you have already eaten. But certainly if what you have previously eaten has run its course then you can always find another idea to consume, but if you still want to use what was previously eaten for another project later on then you can always set it aside and store it away for another day; And unlike actual food it will not spoil unless forgotten or worse case scenario it have become dated to the point that any context to the idea is now no longer meaningful or useful to which case you can just throw it way, thus becoming inedible.

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