Senior Portfolio: Week 2, Thesis-Second Draft

Elisabeth Roscoe


Kate Sibole

Senior Portfolio

Thesis-Second Draft

Narrow your list to 2 feasible ideas, Include short description of the possible challenges/obstacles you might have with each, and List descriptions using “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How” method

  • Third Idea: Being able to speedpaint and post them online (concept art, title cards, and commissions)

Finding time to be able to record and edit the recorded video of myself drawing on my computer, Finding more time to be able to edit and render the video (also adding music, necessary cuts and so forth), and uploading it to Youtube. Another challenge is also finding time to get creative enough to make a product (aka the drawing and such), sometimes it does not come to me right away. Also finding necessary breaks to make sure my creative mind does take a rest when it needs to.

Who: Me.

What: I am trying to find a way to create speedpaints.

Where: Wherever Internet is available, also Online.

When: When I have free time or when I properly schedule it into my daily routine.

Why: Because I love to draw but I hate having to not show the work process of how I am able to piece together an art piece.

How: By uploading a recording software onto my computer, having an editing program to edit the recorded film, having a program to draw on, having a place to post it up online once the video rendered and completed, and having time to be able to not only draw and edit, but to have time to take a break from being creative.

  • Fourth Idea: Finding a job that fits in my line of work.

Finding a job that either fits into my artistic nature or is able to let me be able to let loose, get a job interview, get the job, find availability to find time for my work schedule, transportation.

Who:  Me.

What: I’m looking for a job.

Where: Hopefully close to home so I won’t have to walk far.

When: Now would be nice.

Why: Money and stability.

How: Look through newspaper articles, and places that have hiring flyers, checking for if they are still hiring, hand them my resume, make an appointment, if called in for interview; prepare for interview and go to interview on instructed date and time. If hired, find what days it’s appropriate to go to work, and also finding the appropriate transportation is needed to get to work.


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