Senior Portfolio: Week 2, Writing Prompt: The AH HA! Moment!

Elisabeth Roscoe


Kate Sibole

Senior Portfolio

Writing Prompt: The AH HA! moment!

In response to watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s presentation on Nurturing Creativity, write a bit about one of your “AH HA!” creative moments. What do you think brought you to the recognition that it was a truly special, unique, and fleeting moment?

There have been a few “AH HA!” moments when I try to draw things from my mind to paper or for just coming up with concept art ideas. One of the drawing “AH HA” moments I had just recently was when I was coming up with a good picture to use to for my WordPress website. For each post I place on WordPress I wanted to post up for a featured image whenever it was a post based on work for Senior Portfolio. I was continuously try to create a cute image to use for the image when I realized that I  already had previously sketched out images long beforehand to use, all that I needed to do was to find the right previously sketched image, add lines and text to complete the thumbnail for the WordPress.

Another “AH HA” moment I had when I was looking for the recording software for the laptop to record what I draw, I kept searching for websites that talked about what the most reliable and free software was to use for speedpainting projects; this lasted for months. It was until last week when I realized I could have asked any Youtuber online who would be using such programs in order to be able to post up these videos to begin with. So, I did and they lead me to the right website to download and use the right program to get started.

I know I’ve had plenty of moments of when ideas came to me and I had forgotten them right when I found something to write them down. Whether or not it was a character idea, costume design, background detailing, etc… This happens a lot when I am very busy trying to force myself to work or when I’m overworked and my mind tends to wander so that my brain can get a break from paying attention to something that is causing stress or boredom.

None the less I do not doubt that I will continue to get these moments later on as I work or even as I experiment with my artwork. Especially since I want to do creative things for my job and even in my free time.


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