Senior Portfolio: Week 3, Thesis-Final Proposal

Elisabeth Roscoe


Kate Sibole

Senior Portfolio

Thesis-Final Proposal

My proposal is for wanting to start creating a documentation process of filming an artist creating an image or a piece of work from the computers monitor, then having the film be speed up so it’s at a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes long and then posting it up onto a website for viewers to watch and share; or also known as Speedpainting. Other media like video effects and audio can be edited into the film to make it more appealing while watching the video itself.

I myself will be drawing the images myself as well as recording myself draw the image I want shown, i also will be editing, adding extra media, as well as uploading it onto any website of my choosing (more than likely, that would be Youtube.)

What I will be using to do this is by using my laptop: because I will need it not only to get access to the rest of what I need to use to both create and record my image, but I will need the laptop so I can get access to the internet.  I will be using Adobes Photoshop Elements: because that is a program that lets me draw and save my drawings. My Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet: because it’s a tool to use for drawing. I will be using Open Broadcast Program: This is a desktop recording program that not only records what you are doing live online, but if you so wished, you could record whatever you wanted on the desktop privately, which is what I plan on doing to create my videos. I will also be using Cyberlink PowerDirector which is more or less a downgraded version of Adobe Premiere software to create and edit videos and films. And there is finally the video website itself that the video I plan on uploading online for all to see.

Where I will be doing this and where will the video be uploaded is all done on the laptop. Anywhere I have access to my own laptop will be fine for being able to draw, record and edit is fine; But if I need to upload the video online then I will be needing access to the internet in order to post it online so when the video is ready to be shown and uploaded, internet access is required.

When will be the best to record, edit and upload the speedpaints online will at least be one every two weeks tops. The reason for this is because if I consistently force myself to record and edit the speedpaints constantly every week, not only will this unhealthy for my creativity, but because I have other things I have to focus on other than posting the process of how I draw online like family, friends, etc, so to give me space in-between by adding another week of time to recuperate will be best not only for me personally, but also for the quality of the image that I’m drawing and the more clean cut the editing of the video will be.

Why I want to do this is because not only do I love to draw, but sometimes I know that people want to know how to draw but they don’t know how. So what better way to do that is to record the process of how I draw and have it posted up online for all to see so that maybe they can pick up the process themselves on how to draw. Not only do I like showing people how to draw, but showing them how I was able to make something from literally starting from scribbles is always amazing to watch not just from an artistic viewpoint; Its entertaining and inspiring just watching what others can do, and giving people the time they need to be curious and to just watch someone create and even help encourage themselves into trying and to wanting to try something new or to try and develop their skills more. Plus, if this project becomes a positive progression that people like, I might start taking commission for people who want drawings from me to record drawing and have posted up online. It could make for a nice side-job that I can enjoy as well as make a lot of people happy.

How I will be able to create a speedpaint is simple in steps but it is a long process so patients is a big key in this. Basically, what you do is to get your laptop up and running and go to the program you usually draw on or create art pieces on. Then when you have it up and running, go and open or search of images or previously drawn sketches so you have something to look at or use in order to help you along making the image you plan on recording yourself make. The next step is to open the desktop recording software you have and set it up so that the only thing it records is the space that you plan on using to draw. Then when ready: Hit record. Once done drawing, stop the recording and save the recording in a place where you can easily access it for when you edit it later; also save the image you drew for the speedpaint so you can show the final product at the end of the video. Once you have everything saved up, get ready to open up your video editing software; or in my case, Cyberlink PowerDirector. Once you opened up your video editing software, you can open up a new project and start importing the recorded footage as well as any media you would like to use for the video. The biggest thing would need to make sure you do is to speed up the running time on the film you’ve recorded so it is not so long. Once you’ve added and or deleted out anything you would like to be seen or not seen in the video, you must render it and then save it in a folder that you can easily access so when you upload it online, you won’t have a hard time trying to find it; Rendering usually takes an hour or two depending on how long the project is and how much content you’ve put onto it. Then once you’ve finished making your speedpaint, you can upload it onto any viral website that can hold your video on. One thing you need to take notice on is that if you added any content or media to the video that isn’t yours like a song or an image that belongs to someone else, you need to credit that person and the person/people who own those images and or songs for copyright legal reasons. Because if you don’t, there is a possibility that someone might have legal reason to complain and take your speedpaint down unless you either replace the song or content or completely get rid of it; especially on very popular viral websites like Youtube.

This idea might not be much in viewing perspective, but every idea can start out small and branch out and I believe this is a good step for me to take. For when I start making and creating speedpainting to a regular routine, I might be able to do other things alongside from making speedpaints. I could start making my own videos outside of speedpainting to entertain others later on down the line, or I could even develop my drawing skills the more I draw as well as develop my editing skills as well. Since this is still a new process for me there is still plenty of time to learn new things I might develop overtime, however I won’t know that unless I keep going. I do believe this is worth something, if anything, if I can get one person to view even one video, it at least means that it can give one person time to be entertained or to even be inspired by just watching.

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