Senior Portfolio: Week 6, The Inspired Life

Elisabeth Roscoe


Kate Sibole

Senior Portfolio

Writing Prompt: The Inspired Life

  • How do you get inspired?
  • Which artist, designer, filmmaker featured in Beautiful Losers are you most drawn to and why?
  • What were some of the Thesis Statements they made?

I get inspired by the things around me and what I make of them after processing what I’ve taken in. What I mean by this is that sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike me in an instant, sometimes I have to think about what I’ve seen of what I want to work on for an amount of time before that spark kicks in. Sometimes it is immediate and I just start doodling ideas as fast and as detailed as I can, but if I know that I want to do something with an idea but I have nothing to go on, I have to pause and let myself think it over (whether or not it takes a few minutes, a few hours, or even a few weeks) before coming up with inspiration on what I want to do with my ideas. What can inspire me could be from music, art, quotes, or even a random objects or subject matters that can help with the start of an idea or even build on what I am inspired to do, but like stated before; It’s not alwayse immediate.

The artist from Beautiful Losers that drew me in the most would have to be Margaret Kilgallen, The Street Artist. I feel like despite all of the people who have been shown on this video, this was the person I got the most connection out of because of her attitude and her nature towards her work. She felt like she liked it and was compelled to continue working and making art even on day when she didn’t want to. She mentions how she never completely makes a straight line, it wavers when you look at her artwork close up and I get that. You aren’t ever going to make a straight line 100% perfect line most of the time when drawing or painting of sketching by hand, and its right to have it be not so perfect because its more organic knowing that it’s a beautiful artwork despite not having such perfect lines or curves.

Some of the statements she spoke of were “Most of the things that inspire my artwork are folk-art of some kind. American folk-art, I’m also interested in Indian folk-art.” “When I first started painting seriously, I use to look at a lot of Typography from like the 16 century. And the color of the inks that they used were normally black and red and sometimes blue” “The thing that really fascinated me about the trains is that it’s very much about folklore. We see huge variety of markings which there is really, really old ones and there- theres so much history there. It’s something that has been happening ever since trains were around and it is still happening to this day- in the present- and yet when you look at it looks like folklore.”


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