Senior Portfolio: Week 4, Writing Prompt: Lemons

Elisabeth Roscoe


Kate Sibole

Senior Portfolio

#4 Writing Prompt:  Lemons

Is there another passion you’ve always had? Now that you almost have your SMCC career behind you, what would YOU do if you were “handed lemons”?

I have more than one passion; I’ve been good at comedy, acting, crafts, and cooking. I’ve always had the talent to make people laugh as well as act out scenes from movies, or even do both comedy and acting at the same time when it was funny enough. The crafts were somewhat of a hobby that I did on the side or for projects assigned by me from teachers. Cooking was just a regular thing to do on a daily bases so cooking breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, and deserts was just normal practice.

Now, if I have had been “handed lemons” I would first get some sugar and water to make lemonade out of them. Well, essentially that was you were supposed to do, but in my case, I would start working on making more speedpaints on a better system, and also get more adobe programs on my laptop to start making animations/or storyboards for to tell my own series and tales that I want to make and post them online. I would also like to get started on making an Anime Review show that would talk about different anime’s while having fun with it, but also be bringing a lot of good points that should be realized in this type of media. This would require an actual camera to record myself talking about the anime as well as buying the actual anime to watch so I can talk about it.

I would like to do commissions of drawings or designs for money, but also because I like creating things as well. Granted I would have to be paid to do their drawings, and I might have them pay extra if they would like me to do a speedpaint of what they want/buy me to draw. I would draw characters, design logos, posters, title cards, character concepts and such. I could do a lot if I was given the right lemons to make lemonade, both metaphorically and physically speaking.


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