Senior Portfolio: Week 5, Writing Prompt: Get Out of the Box

Elisabeth Roscoe

Senior Portfolio

Kate Sibole


# 5 Writing Prompt: Press Pause Play

What sets your work apart from everyone else? How do you strive to break the boundaries of previous creators, break the rules, break into YOUR thing?

What would set my work apart from everyone else would have to be my style and how I interpreted the things I’m inspired by and translate and incorporate it into my work. My art style started off organically from just doodles to what I make now. In-between that time (and you can say even now) I just learn and develop different ways and techniques to use while drawing, sketching, illustrating and or just experimenting with the concepts that pop in my head; whether or not it’s for work, personal use or for fun. From either drawing by hand, a mouse pad, or even with a tablet if I can create something that can expand or start on ideas that can be shared, I will be a “happy camper”.

Well, like I’ve stated before, it starts with ideas and expanding off of them, or even starting with an organic completely new idea, you have to know the rules before breaking them; otherwise, how else are we supposed to know if they can be broken. The rules can just be a basic as to always being sensible to a subject matter being portrayed incorrectly to something that’s common knowledge. Granted, if we don’t know the rules, all we have to do is try them out and see what happens, as well as trying to feel out if something you think could work but a rule would need to be broken in order for it to be possible. I think the thing every creator of something would have the same little idea or guideline they follow for, “If you think and want to try out an idea, even if this causes you to break some rules, fine. But keep in mind that even if you don’t break those rules, there is always going to be a result coming from that decision, whether it’s positive, negative, or even a bit of both. You’re never going to really know unless you give it a shot.” And well, I also have that thought process in my head as well.

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