Senior Portfolio: Contract, Revised

– – -Commission Prices- – –


Character Proportions:

Headshot/Bust: $ 5

Half-body: $ 10

Full body: $ 15

Additional characters: $ 15 for every, and any extra character

Sketches drawn on paper & or digitally:  $ 15

Lineart: $ 15 (Digitally drawn only)

Lined & colored: $ 25

Lined, Colored & shaded: $ 35

((Anny additional background design will be an additional $5-25 depending on how detailed you would like the background will be))

Character creation/concept:

Sketched (Drawn on paper or digitally): $ 40

Lined: $ 60

Colored: $ 85


Sketch: $ 85

Colored: $ 100

Colored & shaded: $ 130


Sketch: $ 150

Colored & shaded: $ 250

((In addition, all credit towards using this icon on any projects will be payed additionally as well as for how long you will be using this poster))

Logo design:

Sketched for concept: $ 250

Sketched & colored: $ 400

((In addition, all credit towards using this icon on any projects will be payed additionally as well as for how long you will be using this logo))

Title Cards:

Sketched: $ 40

Sketched, Colored & lined: $ 50

With text is additional $ 60

((In addition, all credit towards using this icon on any projects will be payed additionally as well as for how long you will be using this/these title cards))


Speedpaints (recordings on any work that you pay me to show and post online for viewing): $ 50

Adding specific music songs: $20 to every song

Plugging to your website:  $5 to every website I plug

((Additional $20 to every hour I spend on drawing and editing the speedpaint together, you will also be linked to the video that will be posted on youtube as well as be sent the video if requested))


– – – Commission Outline – – –



Be sure that commissions are open and there are available slots, if you have no knowledge that commissions are available at the moment, ask.

Please reserve a spot on my commissions only if you can pay.

To make a valid order please do it through an email.

Information I will need:

– Your email address.

– Commission info (read below).

I will email you after I approve the form.



Please be sure to add the following information when making your order:


Commission type (example: sketched, half body).

Short written description (characters look, personality, background, etc).

Reference pictures (please no more than 3; this are to have a better idea of what you want).

Extra specifications (position, expression, mood, color palette, etc).

I will only give each commissioner 2 chances of modification to their commission if what was asked was not met the first time. If both modifications were met and they still want changes, then another contract will be made.



I only accept PayPal.

I accept two payment methods with PayPal:

Payment upfront: you pay the total payment before I start working. You will be a priority customer.

Half and half payment: you can pay upfront the first half of the total and the other half when the artwork is finished. You will receive your commission after total payment.

I will get started once I receive total or half payment. Your commission will take me up to a month to get done.

PayPal fees will be added to your commission total. You can calculate your orders fee here: PayPal Fee Calculator

After commission approval I will invoice you the payment via PayPal. Please don’t pay me until I have confirmed via email with you.


Types of orders you can make:

I will draw: Original Characters, Character Design, Fanart, Portraits (of you, a friend, family, pets, etc), Creatures, Animals, Furries or Anthros, Androids and other fantasy characters.

I won’t draw: Fetish (inflation, furrie fetish, extremely large breasts, hate art, feet related and other), Mechs, Hentai or Porn.

** Any characters, landscapes, and concepts that were not created by you will be crediting the artist who has the rights to the character (examples: Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist, etc) **


My commissions are digital only. You will receive a small and large format digital copy file via email.

While setting up contract, we will discuss the time limit of creating and producing your order.

You cannot reproduce or use in any way the commissions I draw for your profit. You can use them only for personal use (for example: profile pictures, icons or prints). If you are still looking to use the image for personal use, then we’ll negotiate the terms of the image privately for a price.

I will not reproduce or sell Original Characters commissions. However, I may use them to advertise my work. This would be for personal promotion only, not profit.

If you commission me to draw fanart I may use them for convention prints, unless stated otherwise.

I will submit a low resolution image of your commission to my gallery.

Do not upload my work to your gallery. You can featured it in your journal/vlog instead, or use it for a costume widget for your profile. Posting it in your gallery may appear as if you are the author of the piece.

If possible credit me, if you can link back to my Deviantart, Youtube account, or WordPress page even better! I would really appreciate it!

If you want a commission for commercial use, my commission prices in Deviantart would not be used to define my pay. Please contact me at to discuss any commercial work.



-Each image will be labeled with my insignia hidden/embedded with every order for copyright infringement purposes.

-If the customer has breached the contract with providing payment, all production of their order will end and will not continue until payment is made or the order itself terminated.

-If the customer has breached the contract and has paid, all production of their order will end and will not continue. Reimbursement will not be included back to the customer. And order itself will be terminated.

-If the customer has breached the contract after order has been completed (violation of copyright law and or illegal distribution of the image) reimbursements will be given to the original creator as well as giving part of the profit that was gain through distributing and violating copyright rights.

-If the artist hired has breached the contract, reimbursements will be provided back to the customer.

-If both parties have breached the contract. The order of the customer will be terminated and a refund will be provided.

-If both parties can’t come to a contract agreement, negotiations will be provided for both parties to come to a substantial agreement through either more negotiations and or through mediation methods.


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