Senior Portfolio: Artist Statement: Final-Draft

Elisabeth Roscoe


Kate Sibole

Senior Portfolio


Artist/Personal Statement: Final-Draft:


I’ve always found myself imagining things when I was younger, and always found it easier to visually demonstrate an action as a learning process. I think all children found it better to learn from seeing without realizing it, after all that’s how cartoons and comic books were popularized to begin with. But as a kid, when I was growing up, we had a lot of video cassette tapes and I would watch movies and shows over and over again since we didn’t have cable (we had only 13 stations to watch shows on at the time before Dish showed up). At the time I never really connected that cartoons were drawings that someone else created, I know that movies were technically ‘made’ but I didn’t know the inner workings on how it was made. That was until I got a hold of two video tapes, the “snow white and the seven dwarfs” movie & the “Labyrinth” movie with David Bowie. Both movies had special features on the tape showing the behind the scenes elements on making their films, like the costume designs, the storyboards, etc. and essentially my child mind put two and two together, mostly because they visually showed clips and scenes of people putting stuff together and showing how the ‘magic’ worked in making their movies and cartoons. That put the idea that I could create characters and stories with my imagination just by constructing off of an idea, as well as physically making it.

I had already had a habit of drawing for fun or so that my parents can get a break from me running around the house, but it wasn’t just that I started drawing and doodling out of not just fun, but out of boredom. Drawing also helped me sometimes out of necessity because it was part of an assignment or I couldn’t understand something so I had to draw it out. It was mostly the only thing I found myself doing to keep me busy since I kept things to myself a lot back then. As I slowly started getting a bit older, I found myself opening up to different art styles, mostly to anime since most children’s cartoons at the time started to air dubbed Japanese cartoons. My oldest sister was familiar with the anime culture as well, and even bought some of the more adult anime videos that were coming out at the time as well. She was a very good artist as well, and she even drew in her own style; with aspects that were anime-ish to them which might explain a lot of how I was influenced. She would let me watch her draw and would also let me watch anime with her in her room from time to time to which drawing drew on me immensely. She stopped a few years after but that didn’t stop me from learning how to draw. I had too many ideas in mind and I was not going to let them go to waste.

I always liked drawing out characters that had more than one set of clothes to them to design or drawing a landscape that had more than one level to them, I’ve especially liked adding detail to objects and constructing concept ideas. I’d find myself at a state of mind that I would be both frustrating yet comfortable peace, it’s very therapeutic. It lets me explore and stretch out my brain muscles in solving problems that I couldn’t figure out at first before, thus becoming a mechanic that I learned to process my way of thinking, and it helps greatly. I’ve also learned through doing this how to lay out my concepts so that way people who don’t know how to draw or visually decipher details can understand a layout of an idea I’ve draw out. Which is also why I’ve decided to start speed painting, especially since people seem to like watching me draw so much after a while, and hopefully they’ll learn how to draw from it as well

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